REcapS Classes

We have all gone to many different workshops, classes, and other real estate investing programs.  Most of which are very valuable…well, as valuable as what you do with it after you walk out the door of the event for the last time.  Has this been a frustration for you too?  I have always felt that these programs present an incredible amount of knowledge from experienced investors.  The problem is, after the event is over, for the most part, the student/investor is on their own.  Getting the knowledge is only part of the process of real estate investing.  The rest of it is getting the tools, the rest of your team, and actually getting started.  A  very common question asked of many exiting these events is, “What do I do now?”

The answer is pretty simple…just get started.  The biggest obstacle is fear.  There is no direction, at least there is no direction with confidence.  So, we have come up with a way to smash through this obstacle.  We have put a series of classes together with a couple of goals in mind.  First, we want to teach our system for real estate investing.  Second, we want to have you join us as our partners for your first (or as many times as you want to join us) deal.  This way, you can build up your own experience, with us leading the way, and also reap the rewards as a partner in the investment.  Oh, and as part of the class, you get a laptop computer, fully loaded with the tools we use when we invest…the ones we teach you in the classes.  How does that sound?


System Manual – Detailed reference manual based on system we are teaching.  Handouts will be provided during each class and added to the base manual.

List of resources:  Resources needed to execute each step & phase of the system.

Slide Show of examples of what we discuss:  This is a PowerPoint presentation.  Interactive examples of steps in the system  such as assistance with forming LLC’s and LLC transfers (risk control), assistance with architectural/estimating, assistance with comps and listings, etc…

Phone App for analysis:  A great tool for on the spot analysis.

Analysis forms, both print and digital (interactive):  Blank and pre-filled forms for each step of analysis as well as examples used for each type of Exit Strategy discussed in these classes.

Copy of the book – “The Power of Real Estate Now”

Group Membership:  Upon graduation, each student/investor gets a full year of FREE membership in our group which gets them access to updated back area of our website, access to newest listing, newsletter, team builders directory of resources, and more (as we develop them)

Brand New Laptop Computer:  You will receive a brand new 15” laptop computer fully loaded with all the material we will be discussing in class.  In addition, these computers will have that ability to be linked to the main computer in the class room so you can watch the presentation on your screen as well as have the capability to interact with the same programs we will be teaching you to use…while in class.  These computers will have multiple networking abilities so you can transfer photos of your projects from your cell phone, connect using WI-FI to do your research, submit offers, all while you are away from your office.  Actually, this computer will be setup for you as a replacement for your office…only mobile.

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