Contact Information

Telephone Number:  734-455-9232

Fax. Number:  734-828-2191

Email:  joe@thepowerofrealestatenow.com


4 comments on “Contact

  1. Hi Joe,
    We briefly spoke in late March about funding. I am a 25 veteran on the rent to own industry opening new stores for Aarons etc. I am looking for a business partner to fund my start up. I have done this multiple times and am very successfull at making other people money.
    The cost is about $450,000 for one location. I paln on offering 40% equity and a 10% return on the loan balance..paying it off with 5-6 years. Does this type of business work into your rebate program ?????
    David Mullins

  2. It can…but it would take a little longer to reach that number. Once you did you could almost be funding much like the NNN single tenant corporations do.

  3. so…how do we start. whats the next step for me to take.

  4. DAvids, Give me a call and we can move forward ith this.

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