Credit Repair

How important is your personal or business credit rating as an investor? A lot more important than you might think…especially if you’re just starting out. No matter how many times you say you don’t want to personally sign for a loan on an investment property, at some point, you will…and just because you qualify for […]

The Domino Effect

Here is a brief summary of the system I’ve put together for real estate investing. I got tired of having to having great deals “go south” because the appraiser didn’t agree with the buyer, seller, real estate agent, etc… so the buyer couldn’t get financing. So, I just developed a system that by-passes them.  It […]

Using 3D Renderings in Real Estate Investing

Here is something I’ve been doing for my properties that I thought might be a good fit for others doing the same thing.  One of the problems we encounter is trying to rent or sell the property before any rehab is completed.  The buyer/tenant needs to see what they are getting before they sign on […]