complete real estate system

Lease Options

Lease Options have been around for a long time.  The basic reason for it is a buyer, although interested in buying a particular home, can’t qualify…just yet.  Sometimes the obstacle is a short term problem, and sometimes it is a long term problem.  A short term problem could be a credit issue that the buyer […]

So, Where Do I start

I get this question a lot, “Where do I start?”  Well, my answer depends on where you are when you ask that question…and why you are interested in real estate investing to begin with.  There are any number of answers, but it all comes down to the same basic steps…nomatter where you are when you […]

Equipment Lease Financing Program

The financing I use is a form of Equipment Lease Financing. This is just the first part of my “Investment System”. The overall system is self sustaining, and repeatable which, are the two main requirements of any good system. The way the ELF program works is simple. It is an Equipment Lease with a cash […]

What Makes a Perfect System

For a Perfect System, you must have two elements in place: It must be Self Sustaining It must be repeatable ….and yes, it really is that simple. Where do you start?  At the end…with the Exit Strategy.  Start with your goal, and work your way to the front with every step of the way satisfying […]

It all starts…and ends, with a system.

Welcome.  If you want to make anything work efficiently, it must be part of a complete system.  When it comes to real estate investing (any investing for that matter), that means you must have a way in, be able to control your risk (eliminate if you can) and, this is critical…you must have an exit […]