Non-Performing Real Estate Notes can be a Goldmine if you know how to invest in them.

Thanks to HUD and the Banks thinking they are now Real Estate Investors, and selling their foreclosed properties at or close to 100 ARV, real estate investing has taken on a new look. Buying with cash for the cash flow is still great. Having little or no equity isn’t a problem for us since the cash flow is so high, and values are climbing steadily again. Financing, when you’re in need of 90-100% LTV is a problem, so for now, as investors, we need to go with Plan B. Enter the Non-Performing Note.

Now I know what you’re saying, probably the same thing I’ve always said when I was told how good Distressed Notes were as an investment. “Why would I want to buy into someone else’s problem”? The answer is simple…<click here>

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