Perfect Funding

There are many ways to finance real estate today.  Most think that because banks are not lending (not really true) the funds for real estate are found only with high-priced, low LTV hard money lenders.  Not true.  There are many programs available for business or personal, as well as those with good and not so good credit…and the terms might surprise you.

The keys to perfect funding programs are found in three absolute criteria:…...<click here for more>


Flip to Hold.

That is our basic philosophy.  Buy, Rehab, flip, then use the profits to buy SF homes to cash flow.  This isn’t really anything revolutionary.  This has been going on for centuries, and will continue for centuries…as long as there are people that need to rent, and investors with money to buy, rehab, and rent.  Did you notice one of the items I just mentioned…after the “as long as there are” statement?  I highlighted it.  ”With money to buy”.  That is, and has always been, one of the biggest obstacles to investing in real estate.  There are a number of reasons for this:…<click here for more>

Non-Performing Real Estate Notes can be a Goldmine if you know how to invest in them.

Thanks to HUD and the Banks thinking they are now Real Estate Investors, and selling their foreclosed properties at or close to 100 ARV, real estate investing has taken on a new look. Buying with cash for the cash flow is still great. Having little or no equity isn’t a problem for us since the cash flow is so high, and values are climbing steadily again. Financing, when you’re in need of 90-100% LTV is a problem, so for now, as investors, we need to go with Plan B. Enter the Non-Performing Note.

Now I know what you’re saying, probably the same thing I’ve always said when I was told how good Distressed Notes were as an investment. “Why would I want to buy into someone else’s problem”? The answer is simple…<click here>

REcapS Systems Real Estate Investment Classes

The new series of classes called REcapS was a huge success.

We have all gone to many different workshops, classes, and other real estate investing programs.  Most of which are very valuable…well, as valuable as what you do with it after you walk out the door of the event for the last time.  Has this been a frustration for you too?  I have always felt that these programs present an incredible amount of knowledge from experienced investors.  The problem is, after the event is over, for the most part, the student/investor is on their own.  Getting the knowledge is only part of the process of real estate investing.  The rest of it is getting the tools, the rest of your team, and actually getting started.  A  very common question asked of many exiting these events is, “What do I do now?”

The answer is pretty simple…just get started.  The biggest obstacle is fear.  There is no direction, at least there is no direction with confidence.  So, we have come up with a way to smash through this obstacle.  We have put a series of classes…<click here for more>

Refinancing All Cash Deals

Turn Your “Trophy Equity” into Something Useful.

By getting into a position where you are dealing with cash or some other type of self- funding solutions gives you the flexibility to do some really great things.  As you may have noticed, we have been talking about using a leverage position to get us into a place where we can use our cash position to our advantage.  One of the ways we can do this is by taking a house with 100% equity, our previously discussed trophy equity, and using it to our advantage by refinancing part of the equity out in the form of a tax neutral income.  This includes the option of making your own note for refinancing discussed in the previous chapter.  Since the cash we get out is in the form of a loan that is paid off for us by our tenant thank-you very much, it isn’t taxable income.  So, this means we can use the cash profits from the flips to buy and rehab a house, then get it right back tax neutral to use as we please.  We’ve discussed some of these options in a previous chapter.  Please make sure your tax professionals walk you through this so you don’t miss anything, or do anything illegal.

Let’s walk through an example of how we might use this strategy.  First, let’s assume………<click> here for the rest of the story

The Power of Leverage

The difference between Good Debt and Bad Debt

Can debt be good?  The answer is yes, as long as it is leveraged and makes you money.  That is the difference between good debt and bad debtBad debt costs you money, and good debt makes you money.  Let me explain with an example of two applications using one item of purchase…a house.

Buying your own home is a form of…….<click> here to read more

I’m Writing a Book on the Power of Real Estate Now system

I’ve decided to write a book on my system so I have a tool that better explains different elements.  It makes it much easier to show someone how the different elements are connected and how the system is repeatable as well as self-sustaining.  It use the example of a circle, and the active example of an electric train.  One of the most important aspects of any system, and the one that makes it a repeatable and self-sustaining system, is the development and use of exit strategies.  Exit strategies are critical since they are the element of any system that makes the system work.  If you don’t have an exit strategy, all you are doing is spinning your wheels, accomplishing nothing, and usually costing you a lot of money.  Without a well thought out exit strategy…<click> here to read more.

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